Friday, November 15, 2013

Trifexis In The News

There has been some concern regarding Trifexis after a post that made on Facebook and was also picked up by the media. The post claimed that Trifexis was causing the death of some dogs and that is a serious accusation, so we had to investigate. We contacted Elanco, the maker of Trifexis and they were aware of these claims. They have researched these claims and have found that in each case, the autopsy's that were done by an outside source, found  that drug toxicity was not the cause of death. Elanco went above and beyond before releasing Trifexis. They tested the drug using 10 times the dose for 30 days and it did not cause a single death in any of the test subjects.  As with any medications there can always be side effects. The most common side effect is  possible vomiting and/or lethargy (sluggish, sleepy),  which subsides within 24 hours.  Trifexis is not recommended for dogs with seizure disorders.

We feel confident that Trifexis is safe and we will continue to recommend it. However, if you have any questions or concerns you can always call us at 573-471-4500.

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